About Us

About US


Since the beginning of 1970s, as ISTANBUL MENSUCAT SANAYİ A.Ş., we offer our high quality, natural and technological products to our valued customers in our upholstery fabric factory that can respond to all your extraordinary requests with high-tech machines in our integrated high production capacity facility. ISTANBUL MENSUCAT SANAYİ A.Ş has created the ISMEN brand with its fully-integrated facility under its own roof to meet its customers’ orders. Adopting its responsibilities for the Society and Customers as a company policy made ISMEN brand one of the pioneers of its sector. As ISMEN, our vision is to keep our place among pioneer companies of the sector by providing the best service to our national and international customers. Also,we have been manufacturing to the decorative rugs and prayer rugs that is the highest quality since 2019.The rugs which our manufacturing are washionable in washing machine. The rugs are not to slip.


Because, İstanbul Mensucat Always Values Keeping Customer Satisfaction at High Level


As ISTANBUL MENSUCAT SANAYİ A.Ş., at the leading position of Turkish Textile Industry in upholstery fabric production thanks to its facility with 76,000 m² outdoor and 26,000 m² indoor areas, we sustain our success rate in national and international fields. Our main objective is a sincere working environment where we have common targets in the future with permanent friendship and long term program in this dialogue that began with first your pleasure on the basis of your understanding. On the platform of your trust, we try to use the resources of our company by making the right production at the first time with team spirit and constant progress. We keep your satisfaction at the highest levels by developing the product you desire with the fastest service and a relevant cost. In order to give better service to our customers, we work with the best ones in his/her field and try to keep our relationships always dynamic. We choose our suppliers carefully and guide them to sustain continuity in means of quality Product-Service. We use supplier management process for this. Istanbul Mensucat A.Ş. presents its quality-oriented professional team spirit to customer satisfaction with its product range including –Upholstery Satin Fabric - Upholstery Velvet Fabric - Upholstery Weaved Fabric – Velvet Velour Carpet –Prayer Rug.


Our main principle in production is to produce and present the ordered product in desired standard and time to our customer. Hence, we approach with maximum speed and minimum deficiency and sustain all updates in our production line simultaneously with technology to serve for our customers. Considering the changing conditions of our global world, we try to design our products with and affordable price and in a competitive way while trading the best quality products. We aim to make the project consumer featured by making the information exchange channels work properly among the units in design development planning period. As a natural cause of making industrial production, without making a permanent impact on air, water, earth and underground today or in the future, we try to produce in accordance with both national and international laws.


We serve with our customer satisfaction oriented workmates by making the fundamental environment available in our foundation for our workers to improve themselves and explore their potential. We believe that our works should be self-confident, sharing, responsible, innovative, believing in team work, sympathetic, respectful, hard-working and disciplined. Therefore, we canalize the competitive atmosphere among them to success by reflecting their true and positive energy to our production at maximum level. With the principle of an interconnected company that behaves fair and values workers, shares its success and presents opportunities to increase the satisfaction of our customers and with our well-trained workmates; we believe that commercial success can be achieved with determination and by enabling necessary opportunities in order to be open to new ideas.

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